Why workers should be allowed to just be themselves

A number of interesting studies look at the human drive for seeking meaning and provide lessons for those who are responsible for designing jobs. Psychologists Travis Proulx (University of California) and Steven Heine (University of British Columbia) ran several experiments in 2009 in which they asked volunteers to read texts that ranged from nonsensical to […]

The workforce talent quest (why Gen Y don’t want to be ‘retained’)

Most employers agree: retaining talent is at the top of their list of HR priorities. Talent retention is part of the traditional HR approach to people management: ‘resources’ that can be ‘gained, trained, maintained and retained’.  Having established the organisational hierarchy and work flow, the cog that fits in that wheel is able to be […]

HR, the bully maketh

Workplace bullying is a problem that the Productivity Commission estimates costs Australia $36 billion a year in lost productivity.   For human resources, which has only ever had one purpose: to manage an environment in which the employer can extract the highest possible utilisation of human labour, this  is a big problem. It is now […]